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Pharmacy Sources

Actual (old) LINK page

This is where the links to Pharmacy Sources used to be when they had an affiliate program at ClickXchange. That was a while ago now, and now I see Pharmacy Sources have an affiliate program at FusionQuest, except that now they are selling pharmaceuticals! The company has changed, and is now a place where you can get prescription pharmaceuticals.

We are in touch with the helpful people at Pharmacy Sources and hope to sign up to the new Pharmacy Sources affiliate program soon, if the terms and conditions are acceptable. (See clauses signed up to or not by this site). Freedom of speech and safety from the stalker risk are important. This should be easy to sort out. Hopefully soon we'll have a new link on here. In the meantime see other health resources and other online pharmacists

...Evidently no resumption of link yet. Why? Possibly because we expect to be paid by an acceptable means. Note: PayPal is NOT acceptable!