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Bogey Pro

Are you the club's worst player? Are you sure? If the answer is yes, visit Bogey Pro. It's a website designed for players globally, who are as bad as you!

Bogey Pro:

"Go ahead, circle your bogey with pride.

Since 2001, BogeyPro has been celebrating the average-to-bad golfer embrace their mediocrity.

If a good time on the course is more important than your score, consider yourself a pro.

Called the 'Most Creative' and 'Best Marketed' by the Golf Channel at the PGA Show, products like our 'How to Break Your Club' T-Shirts and 'Zero Distance' Golf Balls have had golfers laughing since 2001.

You know, you can spend thousands trying to perfect your game, or you can improve by simply jumping over a lower bar".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Bogey Pro

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