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Map of Central America and the Caribbean

Map of Central America and the Caribbean

This map has been used on Zyra's website to help to explain the locations of some of the tax havens, in particular such pages as "where is Belize?", and also explaining the location of Panama (in case you didn't happen to know that the Panama Canal was at the narrowest part of the land).Map of Panama It's a free map thanks to the generosity of Free World Maps.net, whose link is also featured at the page of MAPS, and it's a Creative Commons licenced map, which means they grant you permission to copy it provided you give them a link (attribution), which seems fair enough. The same applies to the map of Panama which was from the same site. If you'd like to have a copy of these maps, please COPY them so you've got a copy on your site with img src="filename.jpg , and don't remote-serve them with img src="http... !

As not everyone's computer monitor screen is huge, we've also created smaller versions (60%) so there's still room to write about the places around the maps. These smaller maps counts as derivative works, so you're also welcome to copy them as well.Map of Central America and the Caribbean

Even at this resolution the place names are just about readable. You need as high resolution map when navigating, but a low resolution map is perfectly good for performing the weather forecast to the television audience.

Also see: where to get Maps, knowing your way around using a Lonely Planet guide, and a few other Geographical references. I hope this is of some help.

It's handy to know you can get free maps, and it makes the job of explaining things much easier. Generally you have to be very careful copying maps, as a lot of work goes into creating them so the mapmakers tend to be protective of the copyright. One of the things that could get you into more trouble in a library than shouting, or eating your packed lunch near the books, was to take an Ordnance Survey map off the shelf and to put it on the photocopier!

Map of Panama

Creative commons free MAPS copied with permission from Free World Maps.net, whose link is also featured at the page of MAPS