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According to Functionalab beauty come from within. Therefore, their range of supplements help improve your insides, so that you look better outside.


"We approach outer beauty from the perspective of inner health.

Functionalab’s comprehensive line of Advanced Nutricosmetics and Advanced Nutraceuticals offers supplement solutions that target specific health and beauty profiles and objectives.

Our health and beauty supplements are made with the purest and highest-quality active natural ingredients, supported by scientific research, to maximize effectiveness; each of our professionally-endorsed nutritional supplements was developed in partnership with leading PhDs and laboratories:

- Only pure and 100% natural active ingredients without artificial flavours, colorants or unnecessary fillers

- Effective and clinically-approved doses, with optimal nutrient combinations

- Produced to highest pharmaceutical quality control and guarantee standards.

Functionalab is a progressiveFunctionalab and premium brand of science-based, supplement solutions promoting a holistic approach to beauty that integrates health and nutrition and addressing the 'beauty from within' and healthy living and aging trends.

Our product line of approximately 100 products is the most comprehensive of its kind and addresses today’s most prevalent beauty and wellness objectives and conditions".

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