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Green Screen Wizard
Putting the person in the picture

Take image manipulation to a new level with Green Screen Wizard software. Just take a look at all of the things you can do with your photos.

Green Screen Wizard:

"Green Screen Wizard™ is a green screen replacement program that runs on the PC.Green Screen Wizard

The green screen software process starts by taking a photo of someone or something in front of a green backdrop. The photo with the green background is then loaded into Green Screen Wizard.

A background photo is selected and the green in the photo is made transparent, causing the background image to shows through. Reality integration gives the final image the illusion that the person is standing in the background, not just pasted on it.

Green Screen Wizard provides a new creative tool to help create great portraits, digital art or just some fun family photos.

It is the next big thing in Digital Photography!"

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Green Screen Wizard

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