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Ipswitch UKIpswitch WS FTP Software

We have the Ipswitch WS_FTP software on here, and the Ipswitch company has a set of different sites, some of which are includes in this list. If you're interested in getting some Ipswitch WS_FTP software, here are the sites for different places around the world:

Ipswitch USAIpswitch UK

Ipswitch UK

Ipswitch Deutschland

Ipswitch France

You may notice that at Ipswitch USA and Ipswitch UK the language is similar, but we've had an attempt to include German language in the page for Ipswitch Deutschland (Sprechen Sie Deutsche?), and French in the page for Ipswitch France (Parlez-Vous Franšais?). Ipswitch Sweden and Ipswitch Nederland may soon be added, but we'd like the languages to be appropriate. It's a European tradition to make an attempt at being multilingual.

On this page, Ipswitch is a software company specialising in FTP. This is in contrast to the British town with a similar name, Ipswich, rather than Ipswitch!