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It's not unusual for a message to arrive offering you a well paid job in an international finance corporation or well known international organisation. The email message offers a JOB VACANCY and a rate of pay which is very good! So, should you apply? If you are looking for a job, you might be tempted. But there are some snags to this.

For one thing, surely you don't think a job vacancy in a financial company at a good rate of pay is going to be offered to you without meeting you? Real finance companies aren't daft, you know. They'll generally have job interviews and get to know people very well before employing them. There are more people looking for a job than there are jobs for the people, so companies will need to meet you and be impressed with your talent and potential before they give you the job! In contrast, these alleged job vacancies arriving in e-mails are sent out indiscriminately in bulk email to anyone who has got an e-mail account.

The fact is that most of these JOB SPAM messages are a SCAM! They are a bogus offer, and the job vacancy does not actually exist at all! Or, if the job exists, then it's even worse, as explained in the following paragraphs!:

How the job scam works:

Because people are desperate for a job and wish it was true that they could get a well paid job easily, they are sometimes fooled by wanting to believe the job vacancy is real, and then actually believing it. Scamsters know this. That's why it's known as a "confidence trick". So, out of every so-many thousand messages sent out, there'll be a few people who will apply for the job! What happens then is the people operating the scam will pretend to go through an acceptance procedure, requiring you to pay them fees up front, for training, administration, etc. Also, personal details (such as a copy of your passport) may be requested. The problem is, if you fall for this, you are parting with money to apply for a job which doesn't exist. Worse, if you divulge personal data to scamsters, they may even try to impersonate you to get loans, dodgy passports, and other things. It's a problem of Identity Theft. If you are already the victim of such a thing, don't worry too much as it's probably not too late to contact all the banks and officialdom to get the security holes patched up. You'll need to change your passwords and get your credit cards re-issued, but it can be done.

As if this wasn't bad enough, job spam has an additional level of problem on top of the identity theft issue already described. If you are really unlucky you might actually get the job! This is where the matter of it being a "financial company" comes in. What happens is there is a scam being perpetrated in which you (as the employee of the supposed company) are given the job of receiving payments from people who send you the cheques, and then you are supposed to send the money on to the "employer" (after taking an agreed cut, as your wages). Odd as it may seem, the incoming cheques actually clear at the bank. Later, however, when it's far too late to do anything about it, the cheques are found to be "stolen". You are then in trouble, and the scamsters have got your money. See the cheque scam! It is a crime to receive stolen money knowingly, and the scam is in some ways a "money laundering" operation. In addition to the reprocessing of criminal money, the scam also has knock-on effects where the money from the victims of other scams is sent to you, for you to pay into the bank and then send the proportion on to the scammer's address. When the victims discover they have been scammed, guess whose address the police will visit?! More about this at http://419.bittenus.com/workathome.htm

If you are already the victim of such a job scam, having accepted employment as a money recipient and forwarder, on one of these job spam scams, don't panic! Go to the police! The police are much more interested in catching the real criminals behind the racket than they are in catching you for being fooled into accepting the job. The evidence you can give will help to provide clues about the network of organised crime going on, and will help to save a lot of people from being duped into parting with their money.

If you are looking for a job, see the find a job category at this site. At least these are real employment opportunities. Another employer you might be interested to see, is there to be seen... in the mirror. Being self-employed isn't for everyone. The starting pay isn't good, and the working hours are long. But in the long run you could get rich, and that's a reality, not a hoax. For more info on self-employment, see How to Set Up and Run Your Own Business. Good Luck!

But then, if you'd like to get a job where you actually get some time off (when you're not thinking about business all the time), there are some employment vacancies available, with established places.

The important thing with getting a job is that the people who are going to employ you must be impressed by your abilities to the level where they are going to employ YOU rather than someone who less special. So go on, impress them!

Meanwhile, don't be fooled by make-believe job offers in SPAM. They are not genuine job vacancies, and it is temptation being put there to see if you'll fall for it. Also see other scams exposed at the Rogues Gallery of Suspicious emails

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