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KEEN is in effect a company of people who you can talk to on the phone and get advice about all sorts of things. Such as: Computing & Internet, Psychics & Astrologers, Health & Wellness or Money & Career, and general advice. Keen, Your Personal Advisor, provides live, immediate advice for your everyday life. Just browse the community of KeenSpeakers (people selling their advice) to find the Speaker for you, choose one, and you'll be connected to that person live over the phone. Your privacy is ensured because Keen makes the call - your phone number and other personal information are never revealed.

You can phone and talk Business Planning & Services, News, Entertainment, Celebrity talk, Arts, Computers (Linux / MS Windows, Internet, Software), Games, Psychic matters, Astrology, Tarot reading, Relationships, Health, Therapy, Conditions, Diet, Counselling, Romance, Social, Friends, Conversation, Home & Family, Food, Parenting, Pets, Shopping, Auctions, Money, Careers, Investing, Tax, Travel, Recreation, Autos, Local Interests, Sports, - take a look and see if I've missed anything.

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http://www.keen.com affiliate program is via Commission Junction. As far as we know, this is still live. Please let us know.