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Mag Mall

Mag Mall

subscription savings on 1,000's of magazines

Discount MAgs delivered to your door by Mag Mall. That means no more going out in the rain to pick up your favourite magazine, only to find the two copies that your local store sells have both gone!

Mag Mall:

"Corporate, student and consumer savings on new, renewal and gift subscriptions to over 1,000 magazines and newspapers.

Order online, by email or fax.

Content is family friendly only. Gift certificates too starting at $10.00.

We are one of the fastest magazine sites in the USA and we'll find the magazines you need in record time.

We work for you in every way to provide a one-stop shop where you can find rock-bottom prices from publishers while offering competitive discounts on hundreds of popular titles.

Subscribers can save up to 88% off the newsstand price when they subscribe through our service. We do not renew magazine subscriptions automatically.

You get renewal notices via our online reminder system and you make the decision each year if you want to renew your magazine subscriptions".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Mag Mall

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