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Nitro RCX

Get yourself the coolest radio controlled cars on the planet from Nitro RCX. Play in confidence, knowing that if you break them, they'll have the parts.

Nitro RCX:

"NitroRCX.com is the #1 Online Source for Low-Price and High-Quality Exceed RC Radio Controlled Cars from on-road racing electric to off-road nitro-fuel powered!

And you may wonder how high is the quality? Well, ask for yourself here or go to YouTube.com and search for Exceed RC.

One of the biggest reason why customers are happy to shop at NitroRCX is not only because our rc products are affordable but the replacement parts and upgrades for everything are also cheap to buy too! So go ahead. Enjoy the Hobby!

We guarantee to have 100% Parts to Support ALL the cars we sell which is very important that you can buy parts to repair damage due to wears and tears or freaked accident!

So bottom line, you get to have fun playing with this fast-n-furious crazy speed nitro rc car without having to worry about spending a whole lot to repair the damage!

Also, you can look for our hot 1/8 scale trucks and buggies in upcoming magazines such as Car Action, Xtreme Racing and many other popular rc publications as they are ready to take on the biggest names in RC!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Nitro RCX

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