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NYCewheels sell exactly what their name suggests, a nice range of electric and non-electric bicycles and accessories.


Nycewheels"NYCewheels is a retail shop in the Yorkville section of Manhattan's Upper East Side, founded by Bert Cebular in October of 2001. Since that time NYCewheels has become a leader in the alternative transportation industry, specialising in efficient, portable and fun ways to get around.

NYCEwheels stocks full lines of unique electric and human powered vehicles including electric bikes, folding bikes, electric scooters and kick scooters. Everything sold by NYCewheels is a quality product - you won't find any junk here. All our products have been carefully selected and tested by Bert and the NYCewheels staff to ensure they meet our standards of quality. We commute to work in Manhattan on the products we sell - and so do thousands of other people! We have real world experience helping people find new ways to get where you need to be. Our products have a proven track record in cities, the suburbs and the country the world over. We are a real brick and mortar store in New York City, and we know how to help you find the right vehicle, whatever your needs are.Nycewheels

Tell us where you need to be and how fast you want to get there - we can tailor make a solution for your specific journey. NYCEwheels promulgates the notion that folding bikes, kick scooters, electric scooters and bicycles are serious forms of transportation and not children's toys.

NYCEwheels exhibits in both alternative and mainstream transportation festivals throughout the Northeast with the goal of educating people about reliable personal electric powered transportation. NYCeWheels is a Member of Transportation Alternatives and The National Bike Dealer's Association. We participate in many local and regional rides and events, and believe in what we sell. NYCEwheels sees a future for New York, and dense urban centers elsewhere, with better air quality, less traffic congestion, and loads more smiles due to the use of alternative transportation".

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