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The New York Times

The New York Times is a world-famous newspaper, and if you live anywhere in the mainland United States you could get The New York Times delivered to your home. There's was a special offer where you could get 50% off by ordering home delivery of The New York Times online on this page! Also, there's The New York Times STORE where you can get classic framed photographs from issues of The New York Times going back as far as 1896.The New York Times

NY Times: "With an unrivaled staff of journalists (the largest of any newspaper), The New York Times is the most honored of newspapers (81 Pulitzer Prizes and counting), as it brings its readers "All the News That's Fit to Print." The task of reporting, writing and editing "All the News That's Fit to Print" is done by the more than 1,000 people in the news department. Deciding what goes into the paper is a collaborative effort involving the publisher, editors, reporters, photographers, graphic editors, artists and designers. Together, they offer a thoughtful and balanced selection each day. The editorial page staff of 30 editorial writers, columnists and editors produce the editorial and Op-Ed pages. These opinion departments operate separately from the other news gathering and editing operations.The New York Times The New York Times Company The New York Times Company is a diversified media company including newspapers, television and radio stations, and electronic information and publishing. The Company's core purpose is to enhance society by creating, collecting and distributing high-quality news, information and entertainment. The Company publishes The New York Times, The Boston Globe and 22 other newspapers; operates eight network-affiliated television stations; and owns two New York City radio stations. It also operates news, photo and graphics services as well as news and feature syndicates. A division of the Company, New York Times Digital, operates Internet properties such as NYTimes.com, Boston.com and NYToday.com".

Did you know, you don't have to live in New York to have The New York Times delivered to you. Anyone within the continental US can get The New York Times delivered to their home. Half of all subscribers are from outside the NY metro area". So, if you'd like to find out how much it'll cost to have a quality paper delivered to you, HERE WAS THE LINK TO FIND OUT MORE

Now here's some examples of the sort of thing you'll find printed in The New York Times, quoted from the NY Times advertising site...

MAIN NEWS - The top news from around the country and the world, together with informed analysis and investigative features that delve deeply into major trends, issues and stories. Also included are our influential editorial pages a mix of Times editorials, columns by renowned Times columnists, opinion pieces (by such diverse contributors as Gloria Steinem, Bob Dole, Tom Selleck and Henry Kissinger) and reader letters. All editions.

BUSINESS DAY - A complete package of news and data that kickstarts the business day of investors, executives and professionals from all fields. Breaking news, analysis of important trends and exhaustive tables of market statistics appear daily. Of special note: penetrating daily coverage of the business of media and advertising. All editions.

SPORTS - All the games, all the deals, all the scores, all the playmakers. That's the heart of our Sports section. Plus a world of astute commentary and no-holds-barred opinion from such renowned columnists as Ira Berkow, George Vecsey and Pulitzer Prize-winner Dave Anderson. Stand-alone in New York and New England/Washington Editions; included in Business Day in National Edition.

The New York TimesTHE ARTS - Monday through Thursday the most definitive daily coverage of the cultural scene. Reviews of theater, movies, dance, music, books and television. Artist profiles and features on the business of art and the creative process itself. It's an indispensable guide to what's worth your attention, and what's a must to avoid. Stand-alone in New York and New England/ Washington editions; included in The Living Arts in National Edition.

THE METRO SECTION - News of special interest to New York-area residents. From the City Council to the suburbs, from the boroughs to the beaches, from the metro business to profiles of local celebrities, The Times covers its backyard the way it covers the world thoroughly, expertly and with an insider's eye to what's important. New York edition only.

SCIENCE TIMES - Tuesday Discoveries and developments in every field from computers and the environment to cellular biology and astrophysics are covered in the most detailed and fascinating science report found in any daily newspaper. Included here is our Health & Fitness feature, home of Jane Brody's "Personal Health" column. All editions.The New York Times

DINING IN - Performing Arts/Movies - Fine Arts/Leisure How to make the most of the weekend is never a question for Times readers. Our two-part Weekend section includes New York area events, exhibits, openings and getaways, along with art and entertainment around the country. All editions.

AUTOMOBILES - Each Sunday and Friday, eager car buyers and enthusiasts steer to the Automobiles section for the latest industry news, the newest car models, and some of the most complete car listings anywhere. "Automobiles" has a readership of over 2.6 million adults throughout the tri-state area, and the cars are advertised from all over the United States. More high-end cars are advertised in The New York Times than any other newspaper. New York edition only.

WORLD BUSINESS - In World Business, you will find international business news as well as the domestic stock market tables.

Plus: "Anyone within the continental US can get The New York Times delivered to their home. We have printers all around the country and distribution partners. In fact half of our subscribers are from outside the NY metro area".

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It's been good promoting The New York Times on the affiliate program which was at Commission Junction, and now the affiliate program has gone we look forward to there being a new program somewhere soon. Meanwhile, if you'd like to visit The New York Times you are welcome to type in the web address which is http://www.nytimes.com or you may be interested to have a look at other papers which we have connected here. For example the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, USA Today, etc.

I am an affiliate, and I am well outside the NY metro area. My sympathies go to those affiliates who are in New York. It's not fair that there's the New York Tax on affiliates! Still, affiliates can be anywhere in the world, and we look forward to The New York Times having a new affiliate program.

Good News! There's already a new affiliate program for The New York Times STORE