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Offshore Bank Accounts

Tax-Efficient financial services : Having Bank Accounts offshore

Even if you're not a tax exile, you should have a bank account. However, if you have become a financial success, done so well that you are becoming a Tax Exile and are moving to a Tax Haven, or have generally become well-off, it may be time to consider having your money well off shore.

Offshore Bank Accounts are financially secure bank accounts stored with reputable banks, located in places which are tax-exile-friendly. Such offshore resources, as in addition to being situated in regimes whose laws do not prejudice the finances of the wealthy, are also optimal for being run at a distance. It is quite usual to have business in one part of the world, live in a tax haven, and have your bank in another tax haven. A three-point-solution. This is typical of good financial planning.

Here are a few useful offshore banking contacts:

Barclays Offshore (Live) - Barclays Wealth International (Isle of Man)

Lloyds TSB International (links missing)

HSBC offshore (too cautious in 2010)

Philosophically, the belief here is that if you make a lot of money, for example by being a success running your own company, it's your money, and you should be allowed to keep it, rather than have politicians and bureaucrats grab it and squander it on their own pompous legislatures, wasteful socio-economics, inefficient systems, and futile wars.

As a matter of human rights, you have the freedom to up-sticks and move, if you can afford to. The world's countries are in free competition to be the best places to live. You have a choice.

Also note that tax-efficient planning is legit. You're allowed to learn about geography. You're allowed to leave. You're allowed to be sensible. There is nothing underhand about any of this. Note the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion. You can avoid paying tax without breaking the law. If the government changes the law to be more restrictive, nomatter what they do they don't own you, and you can escape from their overbearing system and move to somewhere that's better. See the Tax Haven Escape. Offshore Bank accounts are bank accounts in tax havens where you can run your financial affairs with freedom.

Barclays Wealth Expat Bank Account ServicesI am Zyra. My business is this interesting website in the international free world. I have now emigrated from the UK and moved to Panama. And, I have chosen to move my bank accounts to Barclays Offshore (Isle of Man). Your own choices may be similar or different. Good Luck!

Offshore Wind-Farms can be considered to be a matter of good Electricity Generation Planning, and a matter of NIMBY-Avoidance!

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