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Ontrack Data Recovery Customer Testimonials

In addition to my own story of data recovery there are many recommendations by satisfied customers. These customer testimonials are a few of the good comments sent in to Ontrack and published with permission:

Customer Testimonials: Data Recovery Services - Data Recovery Services

A digital media recovery success story
"I have had compact flash cards and HDD drives with sensitive photography data crash in the past, but have never been able to recover the lost data to my satisfaction. Recently, a similar situation occurred so I decided to try our partner, Ontrack Data Recovery.

I contacted Ontrack Data Recovery and told my partner representative about a 1GB Microdrive that had some physical errors, leaving hundreds of pictures inaccessible. The Ontrack representative instructed me to send him the damaged device and to let Ontrack perform diagnostics to determine if the data was recoverable. I immediately sent my Microdrive to Ontrack's engineers, but expected several days of waiting before a report with any progress.

I contacted my partner rep at 10am the next morning and was told my device was already being processed. After only two hours, I received another phone call with the results of the diagnostics and an option for the type of media in which I wanted the data returned (Cds or DVDs).

By 2pm that day, my partner rep called me back and confirmed completion of a successful recovery, also informing me that my data and device would be shipped back the next day. The total time taken from receiving the device until completion of recovery was only 4 hours. Needless to say, I was impressed.

The speed at which the service was performed makes it very valuable and unique to my experience, in particular the prompt and helpful service provided by my partner representative. I have contacted other data recovery companies online in the past, requesting estimates for my CF devices. It took most of them 2-3 days to reply with an estimate for service that would take 3-4 days from the time they received my broken devices.

If you need to save your data and want fast, high-quality results, you should really consider contacting Ontrack Data Recovery."
Edmond Bollo

In Lab Data Recovery: fantastic service!
"Many thanks for a fantastic service."
Gordon Mitchell
C&IT Desktop (Systems) | Glasgow Caledonian University

Hard drive burned out: data recovered
After using another data recovery company, which took "a lot of money and didn't restore anything", Kris Butler contacted Kroll Ontrack, which was able to recover the data from his computer.
"The money paid was more than offset by the recovery of the data. It was contact details and confidential lists - losing 2 years of it would have been very serious."
Kris Butler
Public sector

2 in lab data recovery success out of 2
"Many thanks again for this. That makes 2 out of 2 successes I have had with your company.
Best regards"


Smooth data recovery service for the leisure industry
"I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you have provided for me this week. Everything was run smoothly and without a hitch and the restore was carried out this morning.

Steve Stokes
Thomas Cook

Data Recovery Services: Cheers!
"My system is now working perfectly! (Actually it's now behaving better than before - PartitionMagic used to have to reboot 2K before making any changes, now it seems happy to make them on the fly! Didn't think it'd be worth trashing my disk so that my disk trashing apps would behave better in future but hey!) Time to install Linux...
Thanks for sticking around for the extra time to get it finished today - I appreciate you putting in the overtime (work in the games industry myself, know what it feels like to have absolutely no life...)
Anyway, put me down on your list of totally contented customers, shall recommend you...
Thanks again."


Data Recovery: Excellent service!
"...Thank you for your excellent service, it is most unusual to be kept up to date as I was.
Kind Regards."

Tadhg. Millipore

Data Recovery Services: Recovered Disc
"We're saved. You did a very good job indeed. I recommended already Ontrack to a friend who has a similar problem with 2 hard discs full of recorded music. Thank you also to be so patient with my poor English."

Alberto Machado
A. Rui Machado Consultores

Inner Hebrides not so remote following data recovery operation!
"With only four hours to meet an extremely important deadline, I was really worried that I had lost everything. The document could not have been a worse piece to lose and if I had not met the deadline, my reputation would have been damaged and potentially I could lose out on any future business from that client.
Without Ontrack’s help I would have let the client down badly. The Ontrack engineer was brilliant and I was so impressed that I could retrieve the data without leaving the house, I would recommend the remote data recovery service to anyone."

Isabel Robertson
Freelance writer | Inner Hebrides

Customer Testimonials: Software Products - Data Recovery Software

PowerControls 2.0 rescue the migration of data from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000
"During an extremely difficult migration from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 we experienced multiple occasions where the Exchange database corrupted and the Exchange services therefore refused to start.

Despite repairing the database (a lengthy process for a 12Gb database), after migrating just a few more accounts it failed again and soon became impossible to regain a working server. Without a mounted database we were unable to extract the remaining accounts (ironically some of the largest mailboxes in the College) and complete the migration successfully. It was vital for us to do this in a short timescale given the reliance on Exchange at Broxtowe.

To our rescue came Ontrack, which connected to the corrupt database files with ease and allowed us to extract and restore the accounts. Compared with the Microsoft suggestions of re-creating a new server and copying the data (which, incidentally, still failed in our case) - the Ontrack solution did 'exactly what it said on the tin'.

We were extremely pleased with the robustness of the product and the support received at the time of purchase. Even more welcome was the speediness of the sale - the company understood our licensing requirements and the urgency and provided a copy of the software within an hour of a purchase order number being issued.

We have now progressed to Exchange 2003 and have upgraded the product accordingly. Not only does this remain in our 'toolkit' for any future emergencies - but we use this software to draw data from archived Exchange databases - where staff have either accidentally lost vital emails, or where auto-archiving has meant the loss of important information.
It has been a pleasure to use the product.

Steve Branney
Head of Information Systems and Learning Technology | Broxtowe College

Thanks for EasyRecovery
"Just to say 'thanks'.
I've just purchased and used EasyRecovery and brought back a 'lost' partition from beyond the grave... five Gbs of personal and business data stretching back a couple of years.
Great, simple to use software... Thanks again."

Robin Irving
Prospect Training Services

There's no such thing as ‘lost in the mail’: How Kroll Ontrack’s PowerControls 1.0 was used to restore client emails in record time
"PowerControls 1.0 dramatically changes the process of restoring data. It means you no longer have to carry out the task of performing brick-level (single-mailbox) backup. Instead, you simply take a copy of the database from the latest backup, and restore whatever is needed. It also means you don't need a separate Exchange restore server. Instead, recoveries can be carried out from a workstation, as long as sufficient disk space and memory are available.

I think the new name my team has adopted for PowerControls 1.0 is the real sign of its merits: we refer to it as the ‘Magic Tool’."

Göran Husman
MS Exchange senior consultant | Human Data AB

EasyRecovery successful again!
"Dear Sir,
Mid January 2001 I wrote you an e-mail with my congratulations for your program Easy Recovery.
Well he/she did it again!

Every 10 days I write data to a reserved partition and call it, let's say July 2001\10072001. So then 10 days later I write the data to July 2001\20072001 and so on. When a month is complete, I write the data from July 2001 to a CD-R. All save!
But I waited too long July, August, September and October were all on that hard drive. I thought I had written all months already to CD. I thought so. I was sure that all those months were ready to be deleted; they were on 4 separate CD's.

I needed a file and came to the conclusion that July was deleted AND NOT ON CD. So I had place to copy November, december and january to that partition. Then I copied those months to CD. It was a disaster no copy of the July 2001 data. So I thought 1 thing and you know it too, yes Easy Recovery Pro. And you can guess what I found in folder134...yes ! 10072001, 20072001 and 31072001. I looked to the data and everything was there!!!! Maybe this was a boring story for you, but for me it has saved 2 times my valuable data!

Again, a very very very BIG THANKS for your Easy Recovery Pro 5.12e. It's just incredible what happened to that hard drive: delete data, write other data once and then for a second time writing data. And after all, the deleted data, two times overwritten, could be recovered. If there is somewhere a contest for best recovery utility, my comment and voice you have!

This is great, awesome, spectacular AND ALL TRUE.
I gotta stop now. Please keep me or put me on your mailing list, if I'm not subscribed. If you please.

Keep on the fantastic work. And the name of the software promises what it does!!!!!!!!
Thanks to everyone involved with Easy Recovery Pro. Just great.
With great respect and honour."

Danny Vergauwe
General Manager & President | D&P-BURO BVBA | BELGIUM

Easy Recovery Professional Edition
"Last week I lost my hard drive due to a Parity Boot Virus. It wiped out months of work on 2 books I have been writing and I was at my wits end, as both Norton and other PC utilities failed to recover the files that had been deleted.

This weekend, I stumbled on a copy of Easy Recovery Professional Edition and tried it out as a last throw of the dice.
My files are all back, safe and sound and perfectly intact! Thank you so much - you have saved months and months of effort !
The only thing I have noticed is that all the files have a new date and time stamp - the moment that I rescued them this weekend. I guess that this is little price to pay for their recovery but was simply interested to know if the original date and time could be restored.

With enormous thanks for a wonderful product. This one will get very wide recommendations to each and every friend I know. I have learnt, by the way, the value of proper backups!!
With kind regards,"

Dusty Amroliwala

"Dear People at Ontrack and especially the engineers responsible for the development of EasyRecovery Professional Edition v5.12a.

I don't know what to say, but you have saved me a month of work. Every week I make a backup of my work, so the 10th, 20th and 30th. Yesterday I was removing my folder October 2001 but I hadn't noticed that I didn't have space enough. So I moved it to another partition. To be sure that nothing was left behind, I pressed SHIFT + DEL to bypass the recycle bin. But what I didn't notice either was that my folder October 2001 was also selected AND DELETED. This was a catastrophy, a whole month work was deleted.

You probably know the toys Unerase from Symantec, Undelete from Microsoft, but they all let me down. Then I tried your program!!! I recovered 144 folders with 1139 files, all in folders from 1 to the end. Then I did recover and I saw all my work being recovered.

You can't believe how extremely happy I was. THANKS TO THE PEOPLE OF ONTRACK
!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks ! ! ! ! !
With great respect and honour,"

Danny Vergauwe,
General Manager & President | D&P-BURO BVBA | BELGIUM

Data RecoveryTo find out more about data recovery services and data recovery software mentioned in these messages, and to see if the company can do the same sort of good work for you, see Ontrack. Well Done to them!

In terms of customer testimonials there's also my own story of data recovery which says what happened to me. The story has a happy ending.