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Panama Resources and Contacts

One of the things about Panama is that it's a free market economy where business prospers. It's good to know a lot of people, and to have a network of contacts. Help is mutual.

Here on this page are a few helpful Panama contacts that come to mind. Various helpful property agents are included, but I've given them a separate page: Panama Real Estate. There's also a page about The Canal (it would be nice if they had an affiliate program!), and this is in addition to the main page about the Republic of Panama, which is becoming a popular tourist destination.

www.panama-guide.com - thousands of pages about Panama, in English

Panama International Packers - experts in moving your stuff.

Panama Digest

Coronado Community, Panama - expat community

Cable & Wireless Panama - Guide to getting a phone line: www.panama-guide.com/article.php/20060723122453118

Panama Forum

OLMA - Bienes Raices y Servicios Generales - Real Estate and General Services : Piedras Gordas

Gruas Vitito - crane hire for a reasonable price. Based in San Carlos. Phone 6613 2487 and talk with Ricardo.

Electricidad Moncayo - Electricista en Panama (sector oeste)

Punto G - computer shop where they know what they are talking about

Your Panama - property and useful advice

List continuing to expand, of course.