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PeopleSound is a music download site. Looks interesting...

In their own words "peoplesound.com is the best free music download site on the web. We focus on great quality new and emerging music including new breaking acts from the majors, and all the music has to pass our quality control threshold to get on the site. We have over 7,500 artists and 20,000 songs available for free download across all genres, and users can also purchase CDs of every act. We also provide many different ways for users to find music they will like, including searching for music similar to their favourite artists." - so, have a look there and see what you think.


Although at first we had no luck trying to track down the location of the new affiliate program as requests to the address on the website seemed to BOUNCE, there has been progress recently (September 2004)! So, whereas previously the best we could do with this page was to recommend that you take a look at some of the alternative links at the Music page and the Page of CD/Record Shops, it is now looking very likely that PeopleSound will come back to life at some time soon, and we will yet again be able to offer you the chance to download music online.

PeopleSound affiliate program was with Commission Junction but the new affiliate program is still pending, and good word has been put in by Zyra.

Special note in case anyone is in doubt: This page is a genuine dedicated affiliate page which has been in existence since 13th May 2001, created primarily to promote the official PeopleSound website. It is not pretending to be the official site, and isn't trying to misappropriate any trademarks. PeopleSound™ is obviously a trademark of the PeopleSound company! We're on good terms with the people who run the company and will hopefully be linking there as soon as the new affiliate program is sorted out.

On 2010/03/17 this page was moved from http://website.lineone.net/~zyra/peopsnd.htm to www.zyra.net/peopsnd.htm but it's still the same page, with a redirect.