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"Ultimate Guide to Online Pharmacies"

For some time I've been trying to find an international online pharmacy who will sell prescription drugs without prescription, has a proper affiliate program with none of this "PayPal-only" nonsense, and who we can trust to deliver the drugs to the customer. See online pharmacies

It is this last point which is of considerable concern to customers, as there are SOME places purported to be online pharmacies who are not honest and are set up as a way of getting people to part with their money without getting any drug orders delivered! One way to defeat this problem and to deal with places you can rely on to actually delivery the prescription drugs which you ordered and paid for, is to be on the books of PHARMACY SOURCES. PharmacySources don't actually sell medications, but will help you make the right choices, both of a medical nature and in terms of choosing online pharmacies who are honest!

I was a bit confused at first, as I thought Pharmacy Source was an actual online pharmacy, and I thought it curious when I saw the line "we do not sell medications", so I put a question to the people at Pharmacy Sources, and here's the reply which came back...

Hello Zyra,

Sorry for the confusion but we do not sell medications. Instead of having 1 pharmacy to order from, we offer over 70 pharmacies for our members to order from. We provide our members with reliable, discreet, and professional sources for buying medications, mainly from overseas pharmacies with reduced prices that require no prescriptions and compassionate US doctors who provide phone consultations along with a legal prescription. We also give our members feedback on the reliability, discreetness, and quality of the sources as a guide as whether or not to purchase from a certain source.

The reason for our service is that there are many scam artists on the Internet (as you may know) trying to make a quick buck off of people in pain and in need of medication. They have legitimate looking sites and look like professional companies, but when people order from them, the company never sends the medication, they just keep their money. Also, many of the reliable sources do not list their sites in search engines. This is why many of the reliable sources count on services like ours to send them customers.

In the members area we also have a huge section on known scam artists, I would guess there are easily over 100 sources listed. We also provide information on how to spot a scam site and we provide ordering tips that can help you when placing an order and also help you from losing your money, even if your order is not delivered.

We have been dealing with overseas pharmacies for a few years now and have very reliable sources so our members do not have to worry about being scammed, although it is still possible but very unlikely. We have sorted out all the pharmacies that actually deliver and send quality medication and we also have a huge scam section in the members area of known sources that do not deliver or that sale fake medication. Generally, the pharmacies try to please our members because they know that their service and quality will be reported to our members and a bad report on a pharmacy can drastically reduce their sales and profit.

You will be provided direct links to overseas pharmacies that sell medication directly online. You will be able to order directly from your computer from most of these pharmacies. We have found that the telephone numbers many of the sites like ours give out usually result in nothing more than a large phone bill and the mailing addresses some of the other sites provide are a waste of time but we do have a few reliable Mexican phone numbers listed for those who like to use them. With this information you will be able to begin ordering online immediately. I do not know the exact number of sources right off hand but I think around 50 - 60 sources would be a safe number that we report on and that you can order from.

The sources our rated on their prices, discreetness, shipping times, reliability, customer service, and quality of the meds shipped among some other things. We monitor the pharmacies by continually staying in touch with them and from feedback that we receive from members about their ordering experiences. We have quite a few active members so they keep us pretty well informed as to how the pharmacies are performing. We continually provide small updates to the members area whenever we receive new information so the site is always up to date and we do a major update and provide a new members newsletter at least once a month or sooner depending on how much the sources have changed and how much new information there is to report on.

So the information you receive is not a bunch of outdated junk, and if you have questions or problems you can contact our support staff via email to answer any questions you may have. Many members say the customer support and problems we help them through with some pharmacies are worth the membership price alone. For example, if you are having trouble with a pharmacy, we will contact the pharmacy on your behalf and mediate with them to try to get the issue resolved.

Most meds can be found without a prescription but to obtain strong hydrocodone based pain meds it is best to use a doctor phone consultation service. If you legitimately need the meds you will get the meds that you need in most cases. Once you become a member, you will see a section in the members area on Full Service US Doctor Consultations. The doctor consultations are great for obtaining hydrocodone based pain meds such as Vicodin, Lorcet, Norco, etc. Even some hydrocodone meds are available without the doctor consultations, but we advise using the doctor consults to obtain hydrocodone pain meds because these doctors will prescribe you what you need and then you have a valid US prescription with 2-3 refills from a licensed doctor. Once you fill out the forms for the consultation, you can have the consultation with the doctor and have your meds at your house in about a week. Most other medication besides the hydrocodone pain meds can be found without the need for a doctor consultation.

The consult goes something similar to this. You go to the contact link in the members area, fill out the medical forms and either submit them online or fax them along with your medical records or some of the doctors may require a visit from a port-a-medic nurse who comes to your house/office and basically just takes your vital signs and then sends them to the doctor. The consult service will then contact you via email or phone to setup an appointment. Then at that time you will either call the doctor or he will call you to discuss your medical problem. The doctor will then prescribe you the meds needed to treat your condition and then call the script in to the pharmacy that he uses. The pharmacy will then send you the meds by mail using express delivery.

These doctors will prescribe strong hydrocodone based meds (15/100s 15mg hydrocodone with 100mg APAP) all the way down to regular Lorcet (5/500s 5mg hydrocodone with 500mg APAP) and just about every other type of medication except for Schedule II meds over the phone and you will then have a valid US prescription with refills from a licensed doctor. The doctor consultations average around $100 - $120, but you will almost always get the pain meds or other medication that you need without a hassle, it is not a hit and miss as it is when you go to see your local doctor. Odds are these doctors will prescribe the pain med needed to treat your pain. Their standard prescription seems to be for #90 or #60 Norco 10/325mg (10mg hydro, 325mg APAP) with 2 or 3 refills, depending on your case and what they feel you need to treat your pain or medical condition.

Any of the US consults we have listed are good places to try, some currently require no medical records while many of the others require you to send in medical records or have a visit from a port-a-medic nurse (basically a nurse just comes to your house and take your vital signs, blood test, etc.). You can request multiple meds during the same consultation, so you should be able to receive everything you need with one consult. Most of these consultations are very easy and stress free. Be sure and fill out the online questionnaire with as much detail as possible to make your phone consultation with the doctor easier on you, the doctor will look over these forms before the consultation. Basically, many of the consultations last a total of 5 minutes or some of the more detailed ones can last as long as 20 minutes if you have a lot of questions for the doctor.

These consultations may seem intimidating, but really their is nothing to them, these are usually performed by very nice and understanding doctors.

Here is a sample feedback from a member on total cost.
#80 of the 7.5mg hydrocodone w/ 2 refills for total cost of $177 including $90 consult fee

Here is some sample feedback from members on cost of meds. The prices are for hydrocodone products.
#60 10/100mg hydrocodone cost $62.90 including shipping
#90 hydrocodone 10/325 was $112.00 including shipping
#80 Norco 10/325, was $68.95 plus $26 for overnight shipping
#90 of the 15/100's, came to $83.90
#60 of the 10/100's, cost $43.90

The above prices are not guaranteed, these are just prices members have been reporting but they can change due to the amount of sources and the pharmacies they are using may change.

Some pharmacies will charge for shipping while other pharmacies will include shipping in the cost of the meds. Some pharmacies ship via courier such as FedEx, UPS, etc and will usually charge a fee for this however some pharmacies ship via regular mail and may not charge for shipping. Also, shipping charges may depend upon which shipping method you choose. For example, next day delivery will cost more than 3 day delivery. So shipping charges may depend a lot on which pharmacy you use and the shipping method you prefer.

Here is some information on shipping times you can expect. These times our from the time you place your order until the shipment arrives at your door.

International pharmacies can take any where from 8 days to 4-5 weeks, our top sources average 10 - 15 days and the overseas average on a whole is around 3 - 4 weeks. There are a few international sources that get packages to the US in 5-7 days.

US Doctor Consults can range from next day to 2 - 3 days to 2 weeks, to be safe you can expect the average time being 5 - 7 days.

Mexican sources range any where from next day to 10 - 14 days. It seems that most orders from Mexico are delivered either next day or 3 - 4 days. In most cases it is better to pay for 3 - 4 day delivery rather than next day because sometimes next day can wind up being 2 days unless the order is placed in the morning.

In the members area, we try to put the average delivery time for most of the pharmacies so you will have some idea as when to expect your order.

Hope this helps,



Ultimate Guide to Online Pharmacies

Disclaimer: Our company does not promote, encourage or advocate the use of any narcotics or medications. You should consult your physician before taking any medications. Many of the sources found on this site will send you any narcotics, steroids, or medications that you request. Please be advised that it is your responsibility to check your government policy on the importation of any medications before ordering. This site is for informational purposes only. We do not sell any medications.

...OK, so let's make this clear: Pharmacy Sources do not sell any medications, but they have a knowledge base of online pharmacies who will sell you the medications that you want. Sounds good to me. Here's was the link...

The Link was here to go to Pharmacy Sources!

http://www.pharamacysources.com affiliate program is with ClickXchange / old link page for Pharmacy Sources

There are means of payment that are acceptable at this affiliate website. PayPal is NOT acceptable!

Note: Either Pharmacy Sources has GONE, or ClickXchange has GONE. Instead, see Prescription Giant or other online pharmacies