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Get access to the wonderful world of online books and information, with the web's leading digital library - Questia.


"Questia Media, Inc. is a leading provider of copyrighted information and educational resources for the digital age.

Students, instructors, hobbyists, enthusiasts and lifelong learners in more than 200 countries rely on our products to enhance their understanding of both academic and popular subjects.

With over 8 years experience providing a digital library and online reading and research environment, as well as our dedicated staff of librarians and contractual relationships with more than 300 major publishers, Questia is without a doubt the best-positioned company for growth in this important industry.

This year, Questia implemented a revolutionary new book scanning process, and focused development on improving user experience. The end result will be rapid growth in our collection depth and breadth, and significant improvements in the experience of reading and interacting with books online.

Questia is the world’s largest online library of books.

For nearly a decade, hundreds of thousands of high school and college students worldwide have turned to Questia for research support".

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