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You may think that a rock is a large piece of stone, well that's true. However, a rock is also one of the best notebooks money can buy. Have a look for yourself, you'll be glad you did.


"You don’t break new ground by thinking conventionally. We started our business in 1992 with a clear ambition: to bring cutting edge innovation to the portable computing market. As pioneers, not imitators, our fresh thinking has driven many of the major advances in mobile computing.

By investing heavily in research and development, rock is shaping the future of notebook technology. rock has won more awards from industry experts than any other notebook manufacturer, and in tests we consistently come out on top for performance, innovative design, value and inherent build quality.

We’re single minded to the point of obsession. We live and breathe high-performance notebook technology. That’s our passion, and our skill: we don’t make desktop computers, or printers, or cameras. But we believe that the rock notebooks we make are the very best you can buy. ‘Fit for purpose’ isn’t enough. We’re not happy unless our products exceed expectations and outperform all competitors.

We’ve maintained the highest standards in notebook services for more than fourteen years, and we continue to lead the field. Our unique insured three-year collect and return warranty and life-long telephone support comes at no extra cost with every rock notebook. And we listen. Our customers’ comments and ideas are a valuable contribution to our own innovation process.

Every rock notebook we sell is hand-built to order in the UK by one of our dedicated technicians from start to finish, so quality control is not just part of our process; it is our process. Do you want the cheapest or the best? A rock notebook offers ultimate performance at great value".

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