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Save The Web !

Freedom is worth fighting for.

The Internet Revolution in the late nineteen nineties and early zero-zeros decade marked a turning point in social evolution of civilisation on Earth. No longer would people be under the thumb of governments, but would instead be free to do much as they pleased on this New Frontier, like a New World, but a Virtual World.

The crucial thing to that new freedom was the openness of the Internet. No corporate company nor country's tinpot government could control The Internet, and websites were set up by folks independently of conventional modes of censorship or control. Freedom on the Internet is a defining feature of this new revolution, like the way steam was a mainstay of the Industrial Revolution.

It's important that we keep this happening, and at some point the old feudally-inspired quasi-democratic governments will become irrelevant and then be consigned to history. It's a bit like the way the United States managed to break free of the old world rule, and had the Declaration of Independence.

The obvious enemy of Web Independence is oldfashioned establishment-based authoritarian governments. They've been relying on law to impose their rule over people for centuries, and now that old way of doing things is starting to fail.

However, there is another enemy of The Web which has to be considered, and that is Marginalisation. You can see this in the way corporate companies such as Facebook and Twitter have created closed enclaves and shunted people off into the margins. By having an enclosed captive audience, they are making marginal that which was once free. It is far better to have your own website and set yourself free of those constraining forces.

I also regard with deep suspicion a variety of little brick-like electronic gizmos, some made by Apple and some by other companies, where they have protectionist policies upon what is allowed on the machines and what isn't. This is against the spirit of Open Platforms, and it's also against your purse/wallet as these things are at your expense. To see what I mean, look at Considerate Design