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Encountering a Scorpion in the Bathroom

Panama is an adventurous place. I knew this when I emigrated there as a tax exile. So adventurous, that even going to the toilet is adventurous! One time I went to the toilet in the middle of the night I encountered a scorpion. ScorpionThese are not to be messed with, especially as it was a small one (about 2 - 3 inches long). The small ones are the most dangerous, so I've heard.

Well obviously I wasn't going to put up with having a scorpion in the bathroom, so I resolved to get it out. I see no reason to kill these things just for the sake of it, and I figured I could capture it alive and release it into the wild. ("The wild" is the jungle just outside the house!).

I used a reasonable sized piece of polystyrene to get the scorpion moving, but then it was climbing up rather alarmingly and I did not succeed in getting it outside. It fell near the weighing scale.Scorpion

The scorpion hid under the bathroom scales, and I picked up the bathroom scales to get at it. The scorpion was on the underside of the weighing scales and promptly climbed inside the weighing scales mechanism!

Now that's a problem, because I did not want to be weighing myself in the bathroom with a scorpion (alive or dead) inside the machine. But I could not force it out. So I picked up the scales and put it on the edge of the atrium, where if the scorpion emerged it would fall outside the house.

Three days later I was reasonably sure the scorpion had left. But I wanted to make absolutely sure there was no scorpion inside the weighing scales. So I put the scales in a large industrial bucket, and I put a business attache case on top.Scorpion

The next day was interesting, because when I lifted the attache case, there was the scales, and in there was also a scorpion in the bucket as well. So, quick-thinking, I removed the scale and put it on the floor and then put the case back on top.

As there was only one scorpion, that was now in the bucket.

The next part of the procedure was quite simple. I took the bucket out into the front garden and tipped the scorpion out onto the ground. It trundled away into the jungle and has not been seen since!Scorpion

Since then I have looked up the medical info about scorpion stings. They can be quite nasty but are seldom lethal. (One in ten thousand, says a knowledgeable website). If you get stung, it's best to get medical help quickly. Also, if you can, it's best to bag the scorpion so the doctors can identify what species it was that got you. That way it's easier to treat.

Same thing for snakes. In fact, if you are bitten by a snake, it's so important to catch the snake to put in a bag to show to the doctors, that it's worth risking being bitten a second time just to make sure you catch that snake!

Failing that, take a digital photo!

For some practical advice about what to do if you are bitten by a scorpion in Panama, there's a helpful article at www.playacommunity.com/en/useful-information-mainmenu-266/5005-what-to-do-if-youve-been-stung-by-a-scorpion-in-panama