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Script Software
essential utilities

You really are spoilt for choice at Script Software. With their software you can pretty much do anything and take your computing to another level.

Script Software:

"Script Software has been making award winning, essential software for the Macintosh and Windows since 1987.

They are the creators of the award winning CopyPaste, iClock, iKey, iWatermark, KnowledgeMiner, iBeenFramed, Project Timer Pro, iSay, Easy Card, iStar Karaoke, iStar Composer and we made but have now discontinued Project Timer Lite, MountWatcher, ID Tunes, iSearch, iCount, iStar Karaoke and ChatFX. See below for details.

Founded in 1987 by Julian Miller, Script Software is a privately held company with offices around the world (places where individual programmers work) in: Münster, Germany, Taiwan, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Denver, CO, United States, Zepernick, Germany, San Diego, CA, United States, Fairfield, IA, United States.

Script Software is a member of the Apple Developer Connection".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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