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Smoke Stik

Smoke Stik

Alternative Smoking

With the Electronic Cigarette revolution, you can now smoke anywhere. However, Smoke Stik is the ONLY e-cigarettes manufacturer who packages and assembles in the USA.

Smoke Stik:

"SmokeStiks are THE ONLY e-cigarettes packaged and assembled in the USA.

A SmokeStik is a revolutionary device that resembles a traditional cigarette, and re-creates the pleasures of smoking, including simulated 'smoke', without the tobacco, tar, and many of the chemicals that are found in a traditional cigarette.

There are many reasons why people that decide to purchase a SmokeStik® continue to be loyal customers.

If you look at the testimonials page you can get a good idea on the many aspects of our company that are appealing to our customers. While no company is perfect, we strive to be just that in every way possible for our customers.

This is our company philosophy from everyone at SmokeStik®, no exceptions. This includes our Lifetime Warranty, which we were one of the first E-Cig companies to offer such a comprehensive and easy to use RMA system for replacement of any problem parts or accessories.

This helps our new customers have confidence when making a SmokeStik® purchase.

While some of our competitors try and emulate our products to take advantage of our distinctiveness, the end product fails to match our level of detail in fit, finish and performance".

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Smoke Stik

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