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Sticky Labels (Old Page)

They always say a website should have some "sticky content", so here we have something really sticky! ... Sticky Labels!

You decide what you'd like to have printed on your sticky labels and then these people will print them, customised to your requirements, and delivery them to you. After that, where you stick them is up to you. More about this at the NEW page of Sticky Labels

"Short runs of printed labels - FAST! A useful dispenser of address & business labels delivered to your door. We guarantee a 3 day despatch on the many different label ranges offered on our site. Visit our site for all sorts of labels: address, holographic, vinyl, even numbered and barcoded!"

You could just have your address or your company name printed onto the sticky labels and stick them on your stationery, but on considering the endless possibilities you'll probably think of all sorts of other useful applications of being able to have your own customised sticky labels!

Have a think about it, and then come back to this page and see what ingenious ideas come to mind. Or you could just visit Sticky Labels now.

This page was originally created a while ago to promote a place specialising in making sticky labels. That place was www.stickylables.com, but their first affiliate program wasn't a brilliant success, and so this page was left without link for a while. During that time, various business and affiliate programs were hinted at on this page (because we don't let a good page go to waste, you know!). In particular, a special mention was made of getting your own address labels printed without fuss by using some software by Senlab. Time has moved on, and the Sticky Labels company www.stickylabels.com has returned, with a new affiliate program. So, Welcome Back to Sticky Labels!

For various good reasons, we have kept this old page with a few adjustments, and there is now a new page of Sticky Labels which you can visit.

http://www.stickylabels.com affiliate program was with Affiliate Window and is again.