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Now you don't have to own a copy of Syphon Filter to zap someone with a Taser! You will need to check that they are legal in your Country or State before you buy one though. (If you're not allowed to use Taser products legally, you will be denied access to the Buy Now section.)


"The value of TASER:

The TASER C2 is a highly sophisticated personal protection system. Its design is based on feedback from hundreds of law enforcement officers and citizens. It allows the user to respond to situations quickly, effectively and safely.

The TASER C2 uses the same technology as the law enforcement versions, but it is compact, lightweight, and discreet enough to be carried every day. Most importantly, the TASER C2 provides what no other personal safety device on the market can – a 15 foot, 30 second zone of protection. Users can take down the bad guys and get to a safe place.

Advanced Features of the TASER C2:

- Up to 15 ft. (4.5 m) zone of protection between you and an attacker

- Thirty second electrical pulse allows you time to get to a safe place

- Bold laser sighting system enables accurate aimTaser

- Integrated LED light illuminates dark places

- Compact and lightweight design allows it to be easily carried

- Long-lasting lithium powered magazine allows over 50 uses

- Comes in 5 designer colors including Metallic Pink, Electric Blue, Red Hot, Titanium Silver and Black Pearl".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!


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