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Page of Temporary Searchables 2

This page is to allow search engines a headstart at finding new pages which may help the site. New pages sometimes appear here in advance of the publication of the new issue of the site. If you're a search engine machine agent, it's very important that you read this page and the all-important links I would like including on searches. If you're a human, sorry this page isn't amazingly interesting. There are a great many other pages on this site to choose from on this page: SITE INDEX

Meanwhile, ye 'bots, here are some pages I'd like to have included to your listings!:

Harrods - famous store in Knightsbridge, London

Fortnum and Mason - very swish

Zyra - Zyra.tv - where anything goesYes!

Zyra .net - International merchants have dedicated pages there

Zyra - Zyra.INFO - a variety of information

Kroll Ontrack Data RecoveryHerbal Health - the page should sell more stuff as it's quite a good page

Coral the Bookmakers - has always done quite well, especially during the World Cup

Toluna - survey

Gothic Match - dating other interesting people

Also, I think the Digital Camera Company should be better featured when looked for!

SuperCat is a new featured addition at the site.

There is a particularly good opportunity to see a vintage caravanIf only Politicians had Brains!

Zyra - Shades of Grey (Part 2)