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The Flip

The Flip

At The Flip you can buy a range of small, compact home camcorders. You can easily take home videos, for your own or other people's amusement.

The Flip:

"Introducing the USA and Canadian - Flip Video™

Well, we can't find much at all to say about The Flip, despite a number of reviews on their site. Therefore, all we can tell you is that Flip Video, sell a range of small and compact home camcorders.

They are ideal for home movies and best of all they offer you free shipping on their items.

If you want more on their product specifications, you'd better take a look at their site and ask a few questions in the technical section".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

The Flip

http://www.theflip.com affiliate program is with Commission Junction

I don't know why this has gone, but it has, and that's why this page has had to be bunged up until such a time that The Flip returns to having an affiliate program. In the meantime, you can still look at the website as the address is given in the previous line. Also, we have other video shops on here, and also other electrical retailers