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Traditional Irish Gifts

Top o' the mornin' to ya! There's plenty more where that came from, at Traditional Irish Gifts. They will even sell you a leprechaun or two.

Traditional Irish Gifts:

"Traditional Irish Gifts supplies a range of products from right across the island of Ireland. Our bricks and mortar shop has been in operation for over 70 years in the popular and scenic tourist trap of the North Antrim Coast in Ireland, so we know exactly what our customers want. And this is being proven by the great reception we have been receiving since we launched ourselves online.

One of our unique selling points is that we are based in Northern Ireland which not only adds another dimension in the minds of our visitors, but also means we stock everything from Lambeg Drums to Bodhrans, and Bushmills merchandise to Guinness apparel. We like to think we’ve got the whole island covered.

The lines we currently carry are: Guinness & Bushmills merchandise, Irish themed teddies and dolls, various Ireland and Ulster rugby shirts, Hand-woven Mohair throws from Avoca, Irish Linen tea-towels, collectable leprechaun ornaments, Bodhrans and miniature Lambeg drums, hand carved hardened turf sculptures, Irish and Ulster themed neck ties, Irish glassware and more… in fact we have over 250 products and are constantly searching for more lines.

Our market is international and is particularly strong in all the English speaking countries of the world due to emigration from all over Ireland over the past 4 centuries. For instance, there are an estimated 40 million people of Irish decent living in the USA today. Where we feel we are particularly well placed, is with the growing realization of that population, through the increase of genealogy made more accessible by the internet, that over half of them are descended from ancestors who came from the Northern Province of Ireland with its different traditions and mixture of cultures. Due to our geographic location and access to its unique produce we are well placed to serve this growing market".

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Traditional Irish Gifts

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