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UltraLinks -
Ultra Affiliate Software

Powered by FusionQuest - The Affiliate Tracking Solution

New technology. SEO enabled! - No monthly fee. 100% web based. - Powered by FusionQuest The Affiliate Tracking Solution.

In the words of FusionQuest, why FusionQuest is the ultimate affiliate tracking solution:

"Through use of our proprietary UltraLinks technology, we are able to provide affiliates with short links that contain the merchant's domain. Thus, an affiliate link for use in e-mail, plain text and offline promotions would be of the format www.yourdomain.com/?affiliateid.

UltraLinks also provides a second type of link that affiliates use as links in web pages. The actual link to the merchant's site is a direct, hot link with no query string, i.e. www.yourdomain.com. UltraLinks are the ONLY affiliate links that are guaranteed to count toward search engine link popularity. The way this is accomplished is by placing a single pixel image tag on the affiliate's page that initiates the tracking sequence. Thus, the tracking begins when the visitor views the page rather than when they click on the link. This is an advantage to the affiliate -- if the visitor takes an alternate path to the merchant's site, the affiliate still gets credit.

A few other feature highlights are as follows:

a.. Shopping cart included
b.. Unlimited number of tiers tracked
c.. Recurring commissions supported
d.. Unlimited automated follow-up autoresponder for affiliate training and motivation
e.. No download and installation of software required
f.. Runs from our server
g.. No monthly fee
h.. No commission taken on affiliate payments
i.. 100% web based -- be live in minutes
j.. Deep linking to pages within the merchant's site
k.. Override commissions for specific affiliates
l.. Broadcast personalized e-mail to all affiliates
m.. Pre-screening option
n.. Unlimited number of banners, text or html links"

Link here to go to FusionQuest Ultra Affiliate Software!

http://www.ultra-affiliate-software.com is by FusionQuest, creators of Ultra Affiliate Software

Definitely a good idea, so well done to FusionQuest! However, it is true that there are a few other companies that are having affiliate links (usually on an independent affiliate program) which help towards the searchability of a site. It's a shame FusionQuest are no longer active.