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How can that work then? Giving away FREE CDs? Here's what the company themselves say: "Top software publishers provide us with hundreds of full version promotional software titles to help build brand awareness. Our Affiliate Program allows YOU (that's me) to offer these valuable retail titles to your audience (that's you) - FREE!"

So, let's get this right. They give you a free CD, and in return they get "brand awareness". Don't you think that sounds like you're getting a good deal there?!

Oh, by the way, I think you have to pay for shipping and handling. But it's still not a bad deal.


http://www.unbeatabledeals.com affiliate program WAS via Commission Junction //// old link page for Unbeatable Deals

News (2003/05/21): I have heard that the website has gone offline now, and on searching to find out what was happening, I found this quote: "Incentive Marketing Solutions, parent company of Unbeatabledeals.com and Planetlucky.com, will not be taking any orders effective 11am EST March 24, 2003"

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