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Very USA

British Fashion in the United States

Fashion tends to have transatlantic influences, and the effect works in both directions. Now what Very (a British fashion site) are doing is to branch out and try to have the same success Stateside that they've had in old Blighty. We'll wish them luck. Well, actually we'll do more than that because we've joined their affiliate program and we'll promote them.Very.com USA

In their own words: "Very was first launched in the UK in 2009, but it has quickly become one of Britain’s best known fashion retailers. Very.com is an online fashion store that stocks over 5000 clothing lines from the new catwalk trends through to wardrobe basics, plus some of the biggest brands on the planet and unique collections from celebs like Whitney Port & Fearne Cotton.

Very talks to its customers via a variety of innovative social media marketing tools including facebook* Shame on them!, twitter, and Google +, its web site updates daily, & has weekly editorial content such as ‘This week in fashion’ and ‘Suzi Street Style’ from our resident Blogger, the site is full of fashion tips and style advice".

Here are a few interesting things about Very.com: "Very.com is on a mission to bring British style to the big wide world, because we have some amazing home-grown labels from our tiny island that we wanted to share with you BUT we've also got brands from all over the planet so you will feel right at home.

We love sport too and provide new sports collections and innovations on a regular basis.

Every week we will have brand new fashion news and offers..."

Also, did you know?: Very is said to be the UK’s largest online retailer with sales of 1.7billion. They say "Every day in the UK we sell a dress and a pair of jeans every 12 seconds. We aim to do the same in the USA!". That would be pretty good, wouldn't it?

To visit Very USA, here's the link:

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Very.com USA

http://www.very.com affiliate program was with Webgains USA. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Shopping Catalogues page.

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* Facebook! Shame! Public Relations/Marketing: Peoples Revolution is a leading US PR agency, and they really should know not to get involved with the Facebook Problem. Affiliates are good for PR, even if they are sometimes candid in their commentary! The Real Internet is a liberating force in the world, however, most social networking has severe problems and is in league with government. It's to do with Privacy or lack thereof, and the fact that places such as Facebook are in the pockets of sinister government agencies. Some people are already starting to spot problems before the social disaster, whereas many people are blithely oblivious to it. I hope Very choose to sponsor a decent upmarket popular US TV show, and not something that's naff. Good Luck to Shoppers Universe Ltd! People reading this, remember to visit Very.com here