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As a word, "very" has more meanings than might be expected. It's also in a surprising number of manifestations as company names!

Very - as a prefix to emphasise some quality, for example "very big" or "very strange" etc.

Very - a term about focusing in on something, for example "the very heart of the matter", or "the ingredient that's the very essence of the recipe". This use of the term "very" may be connected with TRUTH, as per "Veritable".

Very - online shopping! - Yes, the company really is called that. The website is www.very.co.uk in the United Kingdom and www.very.com in the United States.

Very PC - You may argue whether it's politically correct, but what it really is, is green, as in environmentally friendly, which for a computer is quite some achievement.

Very Asia - Very Asia is the most complete Asian product online store with products ranging from appliances, tableware, health products, beauty care, food, drinks, cooking ingredients and supplies. The vast growing interest in Asian cultures,VERY foods and cooking makes Veryasia.com online store desirable for many.

This page had to be created at the time when VERY (the online shopping company whose name was just that single word) was put on this site with its own dedicated page. It's a wonder NEXT did not have that happen to it earlier on really!