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The Roman god Vulcan - god of fire (both of the constructive helpful type in a blacksmith's forge, and also the destructive type that causes problems).

The planet Vulcan - small planet near the Sun (history of Astronomy)

The planet Vulcan - homeworld of Mr Spock and other Vulcans (Star Trek)

Vulcan Inc. - a philanthropic, scientific, commercial enterprise. In their own words: "Vulcan creates and advances a variety of world-class endeavours and high impact initiatives that change and improve the way we live, learn, do business, and experience the world".

Vulcan Hart - ovens, commercial cooking equipment

Vulcan Bomber - famous delta-winged military aircraft

Vulcan Materials - construction aggregates and building materials

Project Vulcan - monitoring how much stuff is being burnt up and turned into CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere

Vulcan House - the home of Snazal is Vulcan House, Vulcan Road, Leicester


There's a notable language feature, that Vulcan is connected with Volcanoes, hence volcanology being that type of geology that is to do with the study of volcanoes. Landmarks with "Volcan" in the name in Spanish-speaking places, are volcanoes, eg. Volcan Arenal in Costa Rica, Volcan Baru the highest point in Panama, etc.

There are many other VULCAN type entities. They are often either fire-related (ovens, fires, etc) and/or have some geological connection, or have some relation to the high-minded ideals of the race of people noted in Star Trek.

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