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A Sad Tale of Webfusion

Although we get on well with 123 Reg that well-trusted domain registration company, we are not so happy about Webfusion, which is the hosting department of the same company. Now begins a sorry tale of woe, a tale of personal experience in which Webfusion is involved and comes out not smelling of roses.

The story starts a few years ago, when Zyra's website had already outgrown its hosting and at that time a new hosting needed to be found. This led to the creation of Vivostar, the affordable hosting company. Vivostar, as well as having the affordable aspect for customers whose need was for a basic affordable web hosting, also had the industrial capacity for Zyra's website and its thousands of pages.

Vivostar's hosting was bought in bulk from Xcalibre, which was a glorious company at the time. Its mettle was so good it might have been extracted from a stone. Everything was going well, until Xcalibre's shared hosting was bought-out by Webfusion.

Webfusion assured us that nothing would change, and we had no reason to doubt their word. However, a few months later there was a sharp decline in the fortunes of this site. The site's performance, visitor numbers, and financial income, fell to less than half what it had been.

These problems happened in June 2010, and at the time it was suspected to be the summer, Alexa graphWimbledon, the World Cup, and other things that weren't anyone's fault. However, when September came and the miserable UK weather started, it was clear that the problem was not summer! It was the hosting!

By then the hosting was so bad that even basic pages of text took an absurdly long time to load, and the error logs contained reports that showed there were widespread malfunctions. Webfusion said they were not throttling, but the evidence was there to be seen.

(Throttling deniers are something that has been observed on a variety of occasions. It's endemic to the industry).

The logical thing to do was to leave Webfusion and move the reseller account to a new hosting that would not fail. At the time Rackspace seemed a good choice. Unfortunately, about a week into having a Rackspace account, it was found that the Rackspace service was not suitable for purpose. They did not support businesslike email. What? Yea, it's true. The legendary Rackspace have been made to look a laughing-stock because of their preposterous policies. Hence the page: Wrackspace!

Fortunately there are still companies out there in the wider world that have more sensible policies to business, and so now Vivostar's new hosting supplier is Fido.net (2010/10).

Well Done to Xyroth of Vivostar for sorting out the new hosting! The new hosting has a properly scientifically measured terabytes per month and a sensible upper limit which can be adjusted according to budget. Also, because Fido.net has sensible policies on e-mail rather than being fanatically fundamentalist about it like Wrackspace, we can continue in business and should prosper. This is also good news for the great many small businesses and organisations whose hosting is with Vivostar , as they can rest assured they are plugged into a good long-term reliable resource.

Looking at other reviews which dissatisfied customers have written about Webfusion, some of them claim to have lost tens of thousands of pounds. Looking at my own financial accounts, it is even worse than the worst of the other ones I have read. It's not just the galling loss of money and profitability, but the mismatch which is typical of such pennypinching. It's reminiscent of situations where thieves steal the lead off a church roof. The thieves get the scrap price of the lead which is a few hundred pounds. In contrast the church loses tens of thousands of pounds in the damage done and the cost of repairs.

Unlike a church, this site doesn't make much money by having a collection plate. This site's profit is by such pages as the Shopping Portal and the Famous Names. It's not likely to make much by the affiliate program with Webfusion is it?!

Graph provided by Alexa www.alexa.com