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Thomson Holidays - Web Prices on the Highstreet

On the television advertisements for Thomson Holidays you can see the attractive tag-line "Web Prices on the Highstreet", and animated figures dance from one scene into another to soothing music, suggesting artistically how easy it would be for you to go on holiday. That's fair enough, but I have been thinking about the true meaning of "Web Prices on the Highstreet" and have found some interesting conclusions. For one thing, if Thomson's web prices are the same as those on the Highstreet in their travel agents shops, then, as a mathematical consequence, the prices on the Web prices must be the same as those in the shops, (A=B implies B=A). Therefore, we could equally say "Thomson - Highstreet prices on the Web!" and show you a web page advertising Thomson on the Web! See, both are equally good.

Another interesting notion, which is more subtle, is shown by posing the question "Why are Thomson mentioning that they have Web Prices the same as on the Highstreet in the first place?". This must be worth saying, so therefore we could reasonably conclude that consequentially it's more usual for Highstreet travel shops to be more expensive than the prices on the Web! Or to put it another way, Web Prices are normally Cheaper at other travel agents online in comparison to their in-shop prices.

So, if you go to Thomson, you'll get the same price on the Internet as you will at the shops. Equal prices on the Highstreet and the Web. And, if you go to other travel outlets, the implication is that they are more expensive on the highstreet and cheaper on the Internet. So, where do you suppose you are going to be looking to book your travel arrangements for your holiday?

Incidentally, I do recommend Thomson, and I think their advertisements are quite clever. It's just that I tend to think through the philosophical ideas more than most folk.