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Wilderness Running Company

If you like to run in the great outdoors, the Wilderness Running Company website is the one for you.

Wilderness Running Company:

"Trail running is not just road running's 'crazy uncle.'

It is its own unique sport, with its own values and demands.

Wilderness Running Company fully accounts for this reality by offering only the best trail-specific running brands along with photography and other content that captures the trail running lifestyle.

Given the above sentiments, the overall goal is to make Wilderness Running a place where trail runners of all types can feel confident that they are being heard. That somebody really gets them.

Trail runners come to Wilderness Running Company to get information, get inspired, and get gear".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Wilderness Running Company

http://www.wildernessrunning.com/ affiliate program is with Affiliate Future USA

Well, I would have thought this was great! We have plenty of OUTDOOR places listed here, and some good SPORT pages, so the mystery is: Why would The Wilderness Running Company kick us off their affiliate program after we'd gone to the trouble of creating a dedicated page for them?! It's probably just a silly mistake. Maybe they don't understand that...

International + NET = Internet

...which means that we affiliates are living in the wide open wilderness of outdoor Internet in the outside world, and we can promote anyone anywhere! Best not to make the Regional assumption. It doesn't matter where the website is run from (for example Panama), it's where the VISITORS are that's important. At least 25% of the visitors are in the USA, so I don't know what Wilderness Running are worried about.

Oh well, http://scripts.affiliatefuture.com/AFClick.asp?affiliateID=133595&merchantID=4083&programmeID=10168&mediaID=0&tracking=&url= is now a bunged up link, which is good news for other Outdoors companies! It's a big world out there, so don't get lost. How about a GPS? Works anywhere in the world!

If The Wilderness Running Company should ever see sense on this, they'll be welcomed back and we can get on with being good for business. In the meantime, folks, see other Outdoors companies!

Of course you could visit Rocky Mountain Trail instead!