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Wild Tangent Games

Wild Tangent Games

Now you can access downloadable, online and social games by just using one Games App. Where can you get this? Simple, from the Wild Tangent Games website.

Wild Tangent Games:

"WildTangent is a games service that allows consumers around the world to access downloadable, online and social games through one convenient Games App.

Fuelled by our digital currency, WildCoins, and a proprietary ad platform, BrandBoost, the service delivers the most cost efficient way to play games. Consumers can rent games, purchase them or play for free courtesy of brand advertisers.

WildTangent also powers advertising for a growing portfolio of 3rd party game developers and publishers enabling brands to reach more than 100 million monthly players with scalable, engagement-based advertising that enhances gameplay for consumers.

BrandBoost is available in top social games on Facebook, massively multiplayer games, and premium flash games. Partners include Digital Chocolate, Crowdstar, Playdom, Sony Online Entertainment and DreamWorks".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Wild Tangent Games

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