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Car Electric Windows

But also with a Manual Override window winding handle!

Early car windows had winding handles to move them up and down, but then when electric windows were invented the new invention was considered very snazzy. The snazziness, including the ability to twiddle with the windows, was so well-received that some plainly obvious safety matters were disregarded.

On a basic electric window it's possible to get trapped in it, to get someone else trapped in it, to be injured by the force of the window being firmly winched shut, and there have been unfortunate incidents where children have been trapped/injured in a car electric window.

Also, in some types of motor accident, where the car ends up in the river, it's important to escape and yet if the electrics have been shorted out by water then it's not so easy to get the electric windows to open!

I have also heard of a driver suffering from exposure because an electric window jammed OPEN.

These and many other hazards of electric windows are typically ignored until the problem happens.

What I propose is not a return to the simple basic oldfashioned window-winding handle. I propose something with the combined advantages of both manual and electric window movement. The idea is to have electric windows, but also have a manual handle to override the electric apparatus if it fails. A relatively simple clutch arrangement would ensure that the handle did not go round when the motor was engaged, and yet it would be possible to grab hold of the handle and take control if the electrics did not perform as required.