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Woozworld US
Young Virtual Reality Roleplay

We are delighted to feature the online phenomenon that is Woozworld US. It allows children to intereact with eachother around the world in an online community divided into four virtual worlds.

Woozworld US:

"Woozworld is a fun and unique virtual world dedicated to tweens (9/14 years old) allowing them to build a personalized universe in one of four distinct cultures : Mystic Alley, Colonie V, Cortoza et Lib Street.Woozworld US

The positive creativity emerging from the construction of a fantastic world, the identity and the adherence to a community are tacit notions within Woozworld, and with its recent launch, it is only the beginning…

Moreover, thousands of new Unitz are created daily by users, and new evolutions of the Woozworld experience are added on a regular base.

Through the different cultures and the involvement in Woozworld, tweens will learn to develop a sense of community and to have respectful social interactions with other users in order to increase their popularity.

Woozworld USWoozens, the citizens of Woozworld, have access to an infinite combination of options to customize their Unitz (part of the world), share it, build a constellation peopled by their friends aside from the worlds they belong to.

They can also evolve and have fun in a universe rich and unique universe, cast hilarious Spellz on each other, meet a goth, a spaceman, or a fairy at the movies or in a cave…

In Woozworld the possibilities to get involved are multiple for any type of user. From social interaction to gameplay, tweens will find rapidly and easily all the ingredients allowing them to communicate, share and get involved in this new universe.

Woozens will live a fulfilling experience, take part to the creation of Woozworld and create their own culture…"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

Woozworld US

http://www.woozworld.com affiliate program is with Webgains USA

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