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Home Automation by X10 Wireless Technology
Futuristic computers that can control all the electrics in your home are now a present-day fact!

This is the famous HOME AUTOMATION idea which presenters on predictive science future programmes such as Tomorrow's World in the 1970s used to talk about as the future Home Computer that can control your lights and heating etc, although in those days the "home computer" was the expensive machine and had to fit somewhere x10 ActiveHome Proas if it was a gas central heating boiler. But now technology has caught up, so although we don't (yet) have holidays on the Moon, we DO have computers and systems that can control your lights and the room temperature, open and close the curtains, turn the kettle on, pretend you're at home when you're out, and so on and so on. This is science fact, and you can buy the kit to do all this NOW, even if you can't yet get a robot housemaid or a car that levitates above the ground (for a sensible price).

Here's what X10 Wireless Technology have to say about their Home Automation system the ActiveHome Pro:

ActiveHome Prox10 ActiveHome Pro

ActiveHome Pro is X10’s world famous home automation software. With ActiveHome Pro, your imagination is all that is needed to make your home “your automated castle”. You can set your thermostat to turn on or off whenever you choose, you can have your lights turn on or off at your liking, you can even wake up to the aromatic smell of a hot pot of coffee every morning without having to do any work. It all depends on what you want and when you want it to happen!

What exactly can you do with ActiveHome Pro?

Ignite the Passion!

Create the perfect mood with a romantic evening with the simple push of a button. Just one touch can dim the lights, turn on soft music, start the indoor water fountain or aroma lamp. With your imagination and ActiveHome Pro, you can make it a night to remember!

Provide an added sense of safety!

Maybe it’s late when you come home from work. With a few simple settings ActiveHome Pro can automatically turn on your lights for you providing you a safe and visible entry way home. When it comes to peace of mind and ActiveHome Pro, comfort is key.X10 Wireless Technology

Save money on electric bills!

Not only do you have control over your home, you also have control over your expenses. Control your heater to turn on before you awake then to shut off after to leave for work. Have your porch lights turn off with the dawning of the day. Program your television to shut off each night as you fall asleep.

Vacation! Knowing that your home is in good hands!

Why leave a home dark and deserted when you're on vacation? ActiveHome Pro can ensure a fun and worry free vacation by turning lights on and off at different times, making your house look occupied.

Why choose ActiveHome Pro?

With over 30 years of experience, X10 is the leader when it comes to Home Automation! ActiveHome Pro is the recipient of multiple awards and accolades, leaving the editors of TechLiving Magazine to name it to their Hotlist in their November/December 2004 issue. Additionally, ActiveHome Pro was selected as the Editors' Choice by PC Magazine in Nov. 2004 making it their top pick among all home automation systems!X10 Wireless Technology

ActiveHome Pro Plug-ins

ActiveHome Pro is catered to your needs. Additional plug-ins are available to enhance your ActiveHome Pro experience! Since you get to design the best system for you, you get to choose the options that work best!

OnAlert: Own an X10 Security System? Now you can make Active Home Pro and your Protector Plus go hand in hand! It's happened to everyone at some point or another. You leave the house, then begin wondering, did I leave the garage door open? Did I close my bedroom window? Did I arm my home security system? Did my kids get home from school safely? The worry wells up in your head. x10 ActiveHome ProSometimes you may even turn around to go home to double check.

Well it's time to end the worry and hassle! This is the moment X10 home automation fans and security fans alike have been waiting for! Introducing OnAlert, the latest, greatest software module for ActiveHome Pro! Finally, the power of ActiveHome has joined forces with Protector Plus, X10's award-winning wireless security system!

Never before have X10 security modules been able to communicate with ActiveHome Pro automation software. But that has all changed! OnAlert allows Protector Plus to integrate seamlessly with ActiveHome.X10 Wireless Technology

myHouse Online: Experience Internet-based home automation and video monitoring like never before! Only with myHouse Online, can you now take command of all of the exciting automation functions of ActiveHome Pro (controlling your lights/appliances & monitoring your X10 cameras) from work, vacation or anywhere in the world! As if THAT weren't cool enough you can even receive email alerts of activity at your home, view & control your X10 cameras in real time, and get snapshots of camera video sent to your e-mail!

iWitness: Finally, the power of X10's award-winning home automation software has joined with X10's home surveillance in a way that makes complete sense to everyone.

It's a no-brainer! Watching and controlling your home surveillance cameras from the same screen you control lights and appliances just makes sense. You've been asking us to do it for years. As it turns out, making this happen was a real challenge. And, doing it right was even harder. The good news is we finally did it!x10 ActiveHome Pro

Smart Macros: With the NEW SmartMacro Software Module for New ActiveHome, your home will be able to ask questions, find answers and then make intelligent decisions all by itself. Now that's Exciting!

The New SmartMacro Software Module adds "conditional capability" to macros in New ActiveHome Pro. This means you can now check one or more conditions before running a macro. And, your macro can control lights and appliances differently depending on the results. The possibilities are endless.X10 Wireless Technology


If you feel this is for you, and you can afford it, (it's still cheaper than the old science future prediction shows used to predict), you can VISIT X10 Technology and go there through the special page at this site.

I hope this is all Linux-compatible! I would have thought this was essential.