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44X zoom video camera by X10 Wireless Technology

The Vanguard video camera by X10 Wireless technology is a remote control pan and tilt video camera with 44x zoom. It's useful for security and for video calling. The camera can see by night and by day, and can be operated from your computer,X10 Vanguard video camera either online or in another room, or by a remote handset. A very useful device indeed. So clever, in fact, that I would be inclined to put a bag over it when it's not in use! Putting my paranoia aside for a moment, here are some useful question and answer type things by X10 Wireless Technology, where you can order a Vanguard video camera and have it delivered to your home, provided you live in the USA or Canada:


How long does it take to set up my Vanguard system?

For the typical customer, setup of the system will take about 15 minutes. It’s as simple as unpacking it, connecting the camera to a screen and putting batteries in the remote!

Can the Vanguard camera be used during nighttime hours?

Yes. With its advanced Starlight Mode, the Vanguard Camera is perfect for both day and night time use! You have the ability to see what you want, when you want!X10 Wireless Technology

What are the main features of the Vanguard Camera?

The Vanguard camera comes packed with features. Including the ability to Pan (180 degrees sweep from left to right) , Tilt (70 degrees from top to bottom), and Zoom (44x). You can control all of these features with your remote for not only a superior viewing experience, but also a convenient one. You won’t miss anything with the Vanguard Camera.

What comes with the typical Vanguard package?

The Vanguard package with Internet control comes with 1 Vanguard Camera ($499.99), 1 Video Receiver ($39.99), 1 Vanguard Control Center Software ($149.99), 1 100 foot RCA cable ($19.99), and Eagle Eye Motion Sensor ($24.99), 1 USB Video Capture Adaptor ($69.99), 1 Wireless PC Transceiver ($49.99), 1 Vanguard Mounting Bracket ($19.99), and 1 Pan and Tilt Remote ($49.99). Sold separately, this adds up to over $924.91. This package sells for $599.98, 35% off the individual prices, giving you a savings of over $324.93. (prices correct at time of publishing 2006/11)

For additional savings you can purchase packages with multiple Vanguard cameras. To learn more visit X10 via our X10 dedicated page and link through to the site!

Can I flip the picture on my camera if I choose to have it inverted?

Yes! The Vanguard was designed to be hung either up-side down or right side up.

Can I use multiple Vanguard Cameras on one system?X10 Vanguard video camera

Yes. You have the ability use multiple cameras. You can even control them all on one remote.

Does the Vanguard Camera Have Audio?

No, the Vanguard camera does not have audio capabilities. It transmits video only.

Am I able to view my cameras online?

Yes. The software package included with your Vanguard camera provides the ability to view your camera from any computer with Internet access. Using Vanguard Control Center you can make your live cameras, saved video and still images available to remote users over the Internet.

What is your return policy for this item?

X10 guarantees a 30-day return policy on all of its products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Vanguard system,X10 Wireless Technology simply return the items for a full refund.


OK, so, it's a device which you could find very useful, and if you'd like to put in an order and get one now, VISIT X10 Wireless Technology now, put an order in online, and look forward to it arriving. (Shipping to USA and Canada)