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Video Phone
Video Calling through X10 Wireless Technology

They used to say that in the future you'd be able to make telephone calls using video and be able to see the person you were talking to. It's taken technology a while to catch up, but it's still becoming a reality faster than rockets and space travel. X10 Wireless technology brings you video calling systems which connect up with your home automation home computer to give you video phone calls to other people. This fits will with the trend towards VOIP (free International phone calls across the Internet). Anyway, here's what X10 Wireless Technology have to say about their video calling systems, which incidentally you can buy today, as the future is catching up!

Video Calling System FAQsX10 Video Calling

What is the X10 Video Calling System?

The X10 Video Calling system is a LATEST way to engage in Video Calling. It's a revolutionary system that takes webcams to the next level. You can use the X10 Video Calling System with your favorite instant messaging programs (Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, and more!) - see VOIP

It gives the user advanced flexibility. It can go wireless, be controlled by a remote control, and look around the room with a mobile lens.

The heart of the X10 Video Calling system is a revolutionary camera design teamed up with a flexible communication options.

What comes with the Video Calling System Package?SKYPE

When you purchase a Video Calling System, everything you need to get started is included! You receive 1 Video Calling System Camera ($499.99), 1 Wireless PC Transceiver ($49.99), 1 USB Video Capture Adaptor ($69.99), 1 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Remote Control ($49.99), 1 Video Calling System Software ($49.99), 1 Vanguard Mounting Bracket ($19.99), 1 5’ RCA Video Only Cable ($5.99), and free shipping for only $299.99! Sold separately this system costs over $749.93, this package saves you $449.91, or over 60%! (prices correct at time of publishing 2006/11)X10 Wireless Technology

What are some of the features of the Video Calling System?

The Video Calling System Camera has a 44x zoom. (Vanguard) Powerful enough to zoom in on objects over a half mile away, without losing any clarity! The camera's ability to pan 180 degrees left and right, and tilt over 70 degrees top to bottom gives you the whole view of the room. You can see what you want, when you want!

Superior optics makes the video calling system ideal for anytime, day or night. Starlight Mode adjusts the camera so it can focus in the dark and present a vivid view.

You can use the software or included remote control to operate your camera! You have freedom and mobility to use the camera however you'd like. You can also hand the control over to the person on the other end, whether they have an X10 Video calling system or not. If they don't have a camera, just send them the link to control yours.

Does the other person need the X10 Video Calling system for it to work?

No. Even if your friends and family don't have the X10 Video Calling System they can still see you. They can even control the view, as described above.Xcam by X10 Wireless Technology

They will have more sophisticated control over the picture if they have their own Calling System. And seeing them would give you both the full interactive experience. Don't worry, once they see yours they're sure to follow close behind!

How easy is it to setup and operate the Video Calling System?

Setting up the Video Calling System is easy. Typically the camera set-up from box to fully functioning takes about five minutes.

Does the X10 Video Calling System have audio?

Because there's no condenser microphone available that matches our high-quality optics, your X10 Video Calling System's camera doesn't include one. No need to worry, you most likely have at least one option for transmitting audio already. Whether you prefer to use your computer's built-in microphone, a Bluetooth headset, or your telephone's speakerphone option, you don't have to be tied to a low-quality condenser microphone built into the camera.X10 Wireless Technology


Incidentally, speakers are microphones, and also if you fancy a really good quality microphone, you can get them from the vocals department of musical instrument shops! Meanwhile, if you would like to set up VOIP and get yourself a videophone, please VISIT X10 Wireless and link up through this dedicated page.