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X10 Wireless Technology

X10 Wireless technology gives you the power to control your home lights and other appliances from your computer. Home automation, like the early invention of a Home Computer! As well as being able to turn all the lights on and off from the computer there's also a variety of video surveillance cameras which you can connect up and control. Sounds intriguing.X10 Gadgets

X10: "Home automation means lights turn on, appliances run and heating is controlled automatically. Easy-to-install products at factory-direct prices for a safe, convenient and comfortable home. In 10 million homes with over 25 years of service!"

Gadgets available include the X10 Tiny Wireless Video Camera, lighting/power controllers, security devices, etc.

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X10: "We offer hundreds of top rate products... ...30 day satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping for all orders over $49 in the United States".

To find out more, you can visit X10 and buy home automation and video products online. North America is X10's prime market.

Link here for X10.com

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