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No longer need computers look like cream-coloured boxes with naff little Microsoft labels on. No longer need your computer conform to the 1990s tidy office convention.Xoxide In the zero-zeroes decade computers can evolve into machines with style. Xoxide is a company that can sell you some of the stuff you need to make your computer look like it's got some street-cred.Xoxide Here's what they say at Xoxide; "Xoxide.com Computer Cooling and Mod Extreme is a premier site. We offer hundreds of top rated products and services... We offer products that are very prone to "Buy it Now" interested customers, unlike many other products in the computer industry (systems and such)". I was hoping they'd say a lot more, because when I looked at the actual Xoxide site I saw they do computer cases that are all lit-up inside, some made of titanium, some in stealth-style black, and some transparent computer cases that you can see all the interesting high-tech stuff inside.Xoxide There are illuminated fans, cooling kits, computer lights, rounded cables, UV luminous items, loads of stuff! They even sell caffeine, so you can be lit-up inside and be clocking at full-speed all night as well as your computer!Xoxide

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http://www.xoxide.com affiliate program WAS with Commission Junction. It's a shame the affiliate program has expired. It would be good if it returned so we could get on with promoting Xoxide! In the meantime, where now? Snazzy computer cases can be found at Alienware