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Yatra Online

All the bookings you need contained on one website - Yatra Online. You can book everything from a flight to a bus.

Yatra Online:

"Yatra Online Yatra will provide travel-related information, pricing, availability and reservations for airlines, hotels, buses and car rentals across 5000 large cities and small rural areas throughout India.

Yatra's multi-language customer service center will enable business and family/leisure travelers to make well-informed and cost effective bookings 24 hours a day or night, 365 days a year, through its online, call center and mobile support.

Yatra customers will benefit from first priority booking and customized travel packages and deals for multiple large to small hotels, airlines, buses and car rentals at the lowest prices, as a result of strategic relationships with the leading travel suppliers.

The company will also offer free travel-related news and travel advisory services to a wide range of people".

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